I have skunks living under my front porch. I was going to seal access to the porch but I don't need dead skunks under my porch.

Jared S

We have squirrels in our attic and need assistance to remove them, as well as to do exclusion I'm the attic.

Roberdo F

Have squirrels in the attic. See babies as well. Found their point of entry and exit on the outside of the house.

Jeffrey L

Hearing scratching in walls has raccoon issue last year that was resolved and now appears another entry point.

Latoya H

I have possums living under my house. I've filled the hole with dirt and they keep coming back.

Kathi A

Can i get an estimate for removing 3 Ground hogs and repairs to block entry?


Rodent problem, need removal. I have located two points of entry. One is rotted screen vent and one is wood chewed through. The first suspicion was a week ago so hopefully this is not out of control yet.

Virginia J

I have some damage to eave of house. I think I may have a critter in my attic of my house. What is cost of removal and how much are we really looking at?

John O

I live in an apartment complex and need a raccoon removed from my patio closet. I would like a quote for the removal, please.

Elena G

We can hear something moving behind the wall on the upper floor -- moving from dining room to kitchen area. May be squirrels coming through the eaves (or roof) or maybe something larger coming through crawl space under the townhouse and moving up the wall.

Karen S